We are Back Huzzah!

Ahoy!Ahoy! buckos it seams me trip in dream had t' be over and Know I be aft t' brin' you new adventures o' t' Seas. It will just be a matter o' time when you hear t' Amazin' tales o' t' Sea!

But First here some facts about us t' pirates: Wehate Ninjas, Welove Rum, We dont understand torrents, Welove t' plunder, Wehate communism, Monarchy be ok

Sorry Lads

Aye, sorry my friends for the delay in my posts,but thar whar some holidays t' attend to...ah nothin' like a good pirate Island. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

Black Beard's Treasure!

Ahoy Mateys

Arrr, well its has been long since a 'ideo huh? Aye.

I was sipping on rum down in Old Havana
relaxing, just kicking it under the cabana
When this old man walks up, scurvy as can be
taps me on the shoulder, and he points to the sea

"pardon me sir, are you the captain dan?"
"I'm a sailor no more, cause I live on the land"
"but this MAP i have points to perilous pleasure
the long lost chest containing Black Beard's treasure"

"You're the worst liar amongst the scurvy knaves
that treasure's been swallowed by the ocean waves
A storm took that booty in its undertow"
"Ah Cap D that is surely not so."

"well then"I say, what is your fee?
or should I just kill you and take it for free?
just give me that map, let me have a look
"unhand me at once you rotten crook"


I'm a bilgerat maties, I'm a serious sailor,
I don't need two hands just to rob from my neighbor
Hittin' you with rhymes like a nine tailed cat
We're off to seek and dig where the treasure is at
Black Beard's Gold is all that we seek
We plunder and we steal from the old and the meek
Dropping phat rhymes every day of the week
We're the only rap crew with buccaneer technique

"now this is a joke that doesn't make me laugh
you call this a map? but where's the other half?"
give me a name, put me on the path
tell me right now or you'll be feeling my wrath

It's in the possession of the pirate Corsair
he's gone to the Keys from the port of Le'bare
his ship's been wounded and is headed for repair
if you set sail you'll catch him unaware.

So we find Corsair and his wounded galleon
strike your colors so we can board you rapscallion!
the flags go down 'cause he knows he's outgunned
so onto his ship and we begin the fun

"Give me the map"I scream at corsair,
put my gun to his nose, and wave my hook in the air
"Never you dog, that's enough with this prank."
so we tie him up in knots and make him walk the plank.

Before he goes over, a spark lights his eye
"I have the map, here, I don't want to die."
I take the map and review it with glee
and then push him overboard out into the sea

We plunder their booty, and scuttle the ship
who wants a galleon that's been beat by a whip?
The map was complete, who cares what we did
we set sail for the x where the treasure is hid

three days travel to mouth of the cave
the skies all darken, not a single wave
in waters only sailed by the dumb or the brave
in pursuit of the riches that we dare to crave

Black beard's chest! it was sitting right there
a mountain of gold in the open air
I was just so focused then on what I'd be worth
i didn't notice a rumble under the earth


What the hell is this? a dragon! blast!
Better call all the maties over here really fast
it went something like this- The dragon was pissed
and ate all my sailors in the flick of a wrist

With a metallic crash, the PD10 apeared
I'm sorry but the plot here gets kinda wierd
see I've drank so much rum since this story begun
I forgot what happened at the end of the run.

Oh yes i remember, the dragon was slain,
the robots laser shot and splattered his brains!
I took all the loot, and shot back to my ship,
went back to Havana and chilled for a bit.

Arrr, me hope you enjoyed it, shiver me timbers!


Patchy the Pirate! :D


Arrr, me did this in respect o' the old dog o' the sea, argh! patchy the pirate

Ahoy, patchy the Pirate - a non-animated character who is the President o' the Spongebob Squarepants fan club. He hosts the Spongebob Squarepants specials and major e'ents and is portrayed by Tom Kenny. Patchy has a pet marionette parrot named Potty who sometimes disagrees with the pirate, causin' arguments. They first appeared in "Christmas Who?". Patchy resides in Encino, Los Angeles, California. The hook on his hand and the patch on his eye occasionally switch sides between scenes. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

Shiver Me timbers! Argh!!!


1200 Visits!

Ahoy, yeah we Have passed 1200 Unique 'isits and we get about 80 e'eryday, shiver me timbers! Now we shall Celebrate, shiver me timbers!

Ahoy, who would win in a fight: Pirates or Ninjas?

Swashbucklin' mo'es 'ersus martial arts action, corsairs cannonballin' ninjutsu clans, the life o' piracy and shinobi stealth. Recruit your friends and join the Pirates vs. Ninjas ad'enture, shiver me timbers! Each time you recruit a matey you get stronger and when they recruit more friends, you benefit.

Join it Now~!

Argh We Know who would win this one! Amirite?


Eye! Pirate Online Game!

Arrr, if you e'er wanted t' brin' back the old days o' plunderin',fightin' and sailin' then you must try this pirate game, argh! it a online one so you can play it with mateys!
or your Wenches too, argh! argh, argh!

Hear thar link!

Pirate Game

Davy Jones!

The legend says:

"Aye, da'y Jones was born in Scotland; nothin' is known about his youth. He fell in lo'e with Calypso, the "heathen god[ess]" o' the sea who ga'e him the charge o' ferryin' souls which died at sea t' the "other side". Calypso ga'e Da'y Jones the Flyin' Dutchman t' accomplish this task. Why Calypso ga'e him this charge is unknown. She swore that after ten years she would meet him and they would spend one day together before he returned t' his duties. He kept t' his charge for ten years, knowin' he would see his lo'e again. Calypso howe'er, after those ten years, failed t' show up because o' her capricious nature (which had drawn Jones t' her in the first place). Enraged and heart-broken, Jones turned the Pirate Brethren against her, sayin' that if she was remo'ed from the world, they would be able t' claim the seas for themsel'es. They assembled in the First Brethren Court and Jones taught them how t' imprison her unt' her human bonds (Tia Dalma); the Court agreed with him t' imprison her fore'er Aye."

So mateis be weary of the dangers of the sea cuz you don't to end in Davy's Jone Locker!

Remember Dead men tells no tails!

Shiver me timbers!



Sorry me lads for not been Here! argh I have been to buzzy over thar in Entrecard! but tomraw will be a new Day lads! Shiver me timbers!


Ah! The Rum!

Ahoy, most o' us true pirates like rum along withlanlubbers, gar! this is the true pirate treat, gar! like scobby snack for scobby-doo!

but what is rum?

this is what old wiki says:

"Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak and other barrels. The majority of rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean and along the Demerara River, Guyana in South America, though there are rum producers in places such as Australia, India, Reunion Island, Mauritius, and elsewhere around the world."

We also Love to plunder it form the seas and towns! argh!

Why is the Rum always gone?

Ahoy! Orlsend

Ye know sitehopping?

Aye, sitehoppin' is a new Web 2.5 search engine/bookmarkin' social networkin' "wiki" site that let's you find new intarstin' sites or share them with your friends. (while sa'in' 30 minutes per day typin') Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Argh! that way you can have more Ec!Shiver me timber's!

So what are you waiting for?

Go to Sitehopping.com

Snuff? Eye!

Ahoy, snuff is a type o' smokeless tobacco. Thar be se'eral types, used in diffarnt ways, but traditionally it means Dry/european nasal snuff, which is inhaled or "snuffed" through the nose. A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Argh I dislike Snuff!


Ahoy Pirate's Goodies!

Aye, ahoy, argh! today we will talk about thin's us pirates like, argh! like Harsh coffee,Rum and snuff, argh!

Ahoy, so lets begin with Harsh coffee, gar!

This is a 'ery strong coffee plunder from the lands o' Venezuela and costa rica, gar! arhg, gar! then is brewed by us the pirates, gar! t' keep us awake and enable us t' have more lootin' time Argh, gar!

Next time me will talk about Snuff argh!

Ye remember thar no post tomorrow! I goes to Chapel! ahoy!


Aye, welcome again this 'ideo is for our Fan lass, argh! but in any way this 'ideo should not stop us from attack the scaly wag ninjas, argh!


Shiver me Timbers!

Ye wonder?

Ahoy, hi Again Readers, argh! you may wonder y yesterday we dint post about pirates, argh! well yesterday was a sad day for us the Pirates, argh! In that day thar no Plunder and no Rum drinkin' only The de'il sweet (Chocolates) and Kisses, argh!

Ahoy! Kids!

Arrr, hey kids and grown ups, shiver me timbers! Argh, shiver me timbers! I brin' you the all well know Pirtes that dont do anythin', shiver me timbers! Arhg, shiver me timbers! No boos for them me ye does so then you off t' the planks

Argh! Orlsend

Ahoy, i brin' back the sour news o' that Pri'ater that Joined the side With the English Empire, argh! he is not a pirate he is a
Sallywag, argh!

Arrr, this is what wikipedia says o' him

"Sir Francis Drake, Vice Admiral, (c. 1540 – January 27, 1596) was an English privateer, navigator, slave trader, and politician of the Elizabethan era. Drake was knighted in 1581. He was second-in-command of the English fleet against the Spanish Armada in 1588. He died of dysentery after unsuccessfully attacking San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1596.

His exploits were semi-legendary and made him a hero to the English but to the Spaniards he was a simple pirate. He was known as "El Draque" (from the old Spanish meaning "the Dragon" derived from the Latin draco, meaning 'serpent', an obvious play on his family name which in archaic English has the same etymological root) for his actions. King Philip II was claimed to have offered a reward of 20,000 ducats (about $10 million by 2007 standards) for his life.

Arrr, me thank the day he try t' plunder San Juan

Shiver Me Timbers!! ARGH!

Ahoy, welcome again dear friends o' the harty sea, argh! this time i brin' you a 'ery well known 'ideo about Pirates, argh!

Pirate Sayings! Aye!

Ahoy, har be some famous Sayin' about us the pirates, shiver me timbers!

“Bring me one noggin of rum, now, won’t you, matey.”

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest — Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”

“The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.”

“Excuse me, madam, would you please be so kind as to bring me a spot of rum? I would like to have a drink.”

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

“Merchant and pirate were for a long period one and the same person. Even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a refinement of piratical morality.”

“Where there is a sea there are pirates”

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates”

“It is when pirates count their booty that they become mere thieves.”

Argh! Shiver me timbers! Orlsend

Aye, all those that respect piracy please stand up and show respect t' Painty the Great Pirate, argh!

Aye, painty the Pirate is a paintin' o' a pirate head. He sin's the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. He also appears in "Your Shoe's Untied" and "Wet Painters" Aye.

Argh! Matey's!

Arrr, hi welcome t' my Pirate blog, gar! in har lots o' intarstin' stuff about pirates will be posted and talked about, gar!

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